The company

Madrugada creates theatre and performance that aims to challenge and transform both itself and its audience. Based in London, the work reflects the dynamic of diverse cultures present in all world cities.

An overview

Madrugada is a Portuguese word meaning dawn. It is often used to describe the magic hour before dawn. Madrugada describes the ‘in between worlds’ when rituals are at their most potent.

Madrugada enjoys creating both studio theatre and site-specific performance collaborating with artists working across the spectrum of performance forms.

Education is an important part of the company ethos. Madrugada is committed to an outreach program, presenting work with both professional and non-professional artists that is challenging, nurturing and inclusive.

Madrugada draws on the rich experience of its collaborators to create exciting and thought provoking new work and will continue to find ways of touching and thrilling its audience at home and abroad.