Leo Performs

Leo has acted and performed in theatre and television productions, performed internationally for contemporary theatre groups and narrated for musical theatre and radio drama. See Leo’s biography for more details. Leo also performs in madrugada productions.

In Blood: The Bacchae
In Blood: The Bacchae
The Arcola Theatre, Jan 2009
Euripides’ epic Greek tragedy set in 1920’s Salvador, Brazil telling the tale of Bisouro Preto the feared and revered outlaw Capoeirista. See the video trailer.
Gordilho played by Greg Hicks, Percussion by Pedro Lima, Capoeira Coach Mestre Carlão, Written by Frances Viner, Directed by Noah Birksted-Breen.
Hungry Ghosts
Hungry Ghosts
UK Tour, Autumn 2008
Inspired by the events of the Moscow theatre siege, this piece explores the lives of those unlucky ones who decided to go to the theatre the night it was hijacked.
Produced by Lost Dog Dance, Choreographed by Ben Duke & Raquel Meseguer.
The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
The Barbican & The Queen Elizabeth Hall, May 20–21, 2007
A homage to Charlie Chaplin in a radical reshaping of this classic Benjamin Briton composition performed by The London Philharmonic Orchestra.
Narrated by Leo Kay, Co-devised by Eugene Skeef and Leo Kay, Directed by Eugene Skeef.