Company Production

Madrugada creates studio theatre and site-specific performance collaborating with artists from across the spectrum of performance disciplines.

It’s Like He’s Knocking
Sharings, May 2009
A biographical, text-based, physical performance set in the intimacy of a Balham bedsit. Leo weaves the stories of 3 generations of men exploring heritage and ancestral healing, mental health and the serendipity of co-incidence.
Written, Devised & Performed by Leo Kay, Percussion by Pedro Lima, Script Mentored by Polar Bear, Dramaturgy by Phillip McKenzie, Produced by Sarah Sanson ( Time Wont Wait ), Supported by A.C.E, The Albany, Redbridge Drama Centre, South Street Arts Centre.
Mr Sole Abode
Mr Sole Abode
March & May 2008
Fusing text and physical performance this show tells the story of self proclaimed architect Mr Sole Abode. Unable to function under strain of contemporary material society he seeks refuge… in a fridge.
Conceived & Performed by Leo Kay, Set Design by Gavin Glover ( Faulty Optic ), Sound Design by Dan Steele, Written by Leo Kay and Benji Reid, Directed by Benji Reid ( Breaking Cycles ), Supported by The Weekend Arts College, Contact Theatre, Arts Council England.
A Geographic
A Geographic
UK Tour 2006
A Geographic is a study of passion and compulsion. A journey into the realm of the myth maker, this piece explores the motives that drive us forward and away from stability.
Conceived, Devised, Choreographed & Performed by Leo Kay, Music Composed by Marc Brown ( Smoke City, KV5 ), Co Directed by Ron Bunzl ( Cloud Chamber, Voices of the City ).