It’s Like He’s Knocking

Trying to tell it how it is, even when we don’t know quite how it was.

It’s Like He’s Knocking

Sharings, May 2009

‘It’s Like He’s Knocking’ is a biographical, text-based, physical performance set in the intimacy of a Balham bedsit.

Leo weaves the stories of 3 generations of men exploring heritage and ancestral healing, mental health and the serendipity of co-incidence.

Each performance hosts an audience of 10 people.

Conceived & Performed by
Leo Kay
Pedro Lima
Script Mentored by
Polar Bear
Dramaturgy by
Phillip McKenzie
Produced by
Sarah Sanson ( Time Wont Wait )
Supported by
  • A.C.E
  • The Albany
  • Redbridge Drama Centre
  • South Street Arts Centre