Mr Sole Abode

Fusing text and physical performance this show tells the story of self proclaimed architect Mr Sole Abode. Unable to function under strain of contemporary material society he seeks refuge… in a fridge.

Mr Sole Abode

Mr Sole Abode photography by Liz Norden. Click thumbnail below for image.

Mr Sole Abode is a solo performance inspired by Ben Okri’s “The Famished Road”, the film “Waking Life” by Richard Linklater, and writings by David Bohm on fragmentation.

Leo: The piece explores ideas of perception and sanity and considers the thin line between the sane and the insane. Leo embraces the ideas of quantum physics and the question of truth and how one is able to change the reality they live in by changing their patterns of perception.

Those of us who lingered in the world, seduced by the enunciation of wonderful events, went through life with beautiful and fated eyes, carrying within us the music of a lovely and tragic mythology. Our mouths utter obscure prophecies. Our minds are invaded by images of the future. We are the strange ones, with half of our beings always in the spirit world. The Famished Road, Ben Okri

Conceived & Performed by
Leo Kay
Set Design by
Gavin Glover ( Faulty Optic )
Sound Design by
Dan Steele
Written by
Leo Kay & Benji Reid
Directed by
Benji Reid ( Breaking Cycles )
Supported by
  • The Weekend Arts College
  • Contact Theatre
  • Arts Council England

2008 UK Tour

  • Redbridge Drama Centre – Thurs 6th March
  • The Riverfront, Newport Gwent – Fri 7th March
  • The Guildhall, Derby – Tues 11th March
  • Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury – Thurs 13th March
  • Clocktower, Croydon – Fri 14th March
  • Jacksons Lane, Highgate London – Sat 15th March
  • South Street Arts Centre, Reading – Wed 7th May
  • The Egg, Bath – Thurs 8th May
  • Contact Theatre, Manchester – Fri 9th May
  • Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal – Sat 10th May
  • The Arts Centre, Jersey – Tues 13th May
  • Trestle Arts Base, St. Albans – Thur 15th May
  • The Hawth (Studio), Crawley – Tues 20th May
  • Yvonne Arnaud, Guilford – Fri 23rd & Sat 24th May


…And after that it made me want to encourage young people with pointless hobbies because one day those hobbies could be marketable… “z”,

…After watching this you leave the theatre with more questions than answers examining yourself and the society in which you live; something that more theatre should be doing… Michelle Reid, Total Theatre Magazine

Mr Sole Abode is a strange little man who tells fantastical stories… Katharine James,

Mr Sole Abode in his fridge